Competition venues

Competition rules 2014

Competition categories

  • Piano
  • Piano (additional instrument)
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
  • Winds (woodwinds, brass)
  • Percussion*
  • Other instruments**
  • Ensemble***
  • Accompanist (Only accompanists playing with participants of the competition are permitted)

*The category of percussion includes the following instruments that will be available at this year’s competition: Marimba (5 octave), Xylophone (3½ octave), Vibraphone (3 octave) and Snare drum.

**The category Other instruments includes accordion, harp, acoustic guitar. For other instruments in the Other instruments category please contact the competition’s organizing committee before filling in the application form. In this Other instruments category as in all categories participants compete within their own instrument’s subcategory, for example: guitarists with guitarists and harpists with harpists.

***The category Ensembles includes classical duo, trio, quartet, quintet. Regarding other types of ensembles please contact the competition’s organizing committee before filling in the application form.

Age group / maximum performance duration allotted per contestant

Age groups are determined by the age of the contestant on 6th of June 2014.


  • Group A: up to 9 years old / up to 8 min.
  • Group B: 10 — 12 years / up to 12 min.
  • Group C: 13 — 15 years / up to 15 min.
  • Group D: 16 — 18 years / up to 20 min.
  • Group E: 19 — 24 years / up to 25 min.

For the category “Accompanist” age is unlimited.


  • Group 1: up to 13 years / up to 15 min.
  • Group 2: 14 — 18 years / up to 20 min.
  • Group 3: 19 — 24 years / up to 25 min.

The age group for ensembles is determined by the average age of the combined age membership of the ensemble. Ensembles of 3 participants up to 14 participants are allowed the presence on stage of a non-competing accompanist (piano player). Ensembles of 15 or more participants are allowed the presence on stage of an adult concertmaster and/or conductor in a non-playing capacity.

In the event a given Group category has an insufficient amount of registered applicants, the committee reserves the right to combine groups.

Repertoire requirement

Two to four free choice compositions of contrasting styles.

Style contrasts are for example, different time periods/epochs of music and/or music written by composers from different countries of different character.

For percussionists:
Group A: Two compositions on any instrument mallets or snare drum.
Group B: One composition on mallet instrument and one on snare drum (snare drum – unaccompanied) .
Group C and D: Two mallet compositions and one snare drum solo (one of mallet compositions and snare drum solo unaccompanied).
Group E: Two to four compositions including one 4-mallet composition on marimba or vibraphone and one snare drum composition (both must be unaccompanied).

Competition Performance procedure

The competition consists of one round.
Performances are open to the public.
The jury consists of interpreters and music teachers of international reputation from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Estonia and USA. All decisions of the jury are final and irrevocable.
Сompetition’s venues are: History Museum (Narvavägen 13-17), Södra Latins Gymnasium (Skaraborgsgatan 14, Maestro Akademin (Alphyddevägen 4, Nacka) and Adolf Fredriks musikklasser (Tegnérgatan 44-46, Stockholm).


All participants are awarded diplomas and gifts.

The SIMC Organisation Committee allocates scholarships among competitors in age groups E and/or ensemble group 3. These Scholarships are aimed towards future studies and development. In addition, for all categories and age groups, scholarships are allocated among competitors who choose Swedish compositions as part of their repertoire. The purpose of this is to bring forward the performance of Swedish repertoire and contemporary Swedish music. All scholarships are allocated by the SIMC Jury in consultation with the Organisation Committee. All decisions are final and irrevocable.

$ 2,000  in scholarship towards attending Long Island Conservatory, New York, U.S.A..

Participation fees:

Participation fees for the category “Solo” is 550 SEK (Swedish Crowns)
Participation fees for the category “Accompanist”is 360 SEK (Swedish Crowns)
Participation fees for the category ”Ensemble” is 360 SEK (Swedish Crowns) per participant.
Each application is only considered after payment of the non-refundable participation fee.

Participation fees can be paid to
…..Bankgiro 520-5505 within Sweden
….. from abroad with Bank Transfer:
Kulturföreningen Concertante,
Högalidsgatan 54B, 117 30
Stockholm, Sweden

IBAN: SE0950000000052571048201 SWIFT (Bic): ESSESESS
Attention! Please mark your deposit with participant’s name, age group and competition category.

….. with PayPal transfer the participation fee using a credit card. Please notice that the sum in this case is increased: for Solo: 575 SEK, for Ensemble and for Accompanist: 380 SEK. When using PayPal choose below the proper category from the drop list:  Solo 575,00 SEK or Ensemble 380,00 SEK or Accompanist 380,00 SEK. (Note, Accompanist in this drop list refers to competing Accompanists, not to be confused with the organizing committee supplied accompanists.) Then in Paypal be sure to fill in the field in “Your Order Summary” which asks for . Fill in the Participant’s name and surname into this ”Enter description” field so that the payment can be traced. Follow the instructions on page.

Organizers of the Stockholm International Music Competition are sole holders of the rights to all video or audio recordings and internet broadcasts in all stages of the Competition..

For those needing an accompanist:

Participants supply their own accompanist. Likewise, Accompanists supply their own collaborators. For those needing an accompanist, the competition’s organizing committee can provide professional accompanists (non-competing) . Please contact the organizing committee by the 1st of April for arranging an accompanist. The price for an accompanist is 400 SEK for A and B age groups and 600 SEK for C, D, E age groups. With this fee the participant receives the services of a professional pianist for one rehearsal and for his/her performances during the competition. Payment for the accompanist must be made in cash on the day of registration, the 6th of June. Sheet music for this accompanist should be sent to no later than the 15th of April.